OAC celebrates 33 years of Regulatory Services (1984-2017)

CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine Christensen
who will be celebrating 25 years with OAC Ltd
on 4th December 2017

Mrs Catherine Christensen and Mrs Kirsten
Cooper will be attending the Article 43
Regulatory Seminar @ CRD on
12th December 2017

Mrs Catherine Christensen and Dr Justine
Weyman attended the 2017 BCPC
Conference in Brighton

Congratulations to Dr Karen White on completing 6 years service with OAC – 6th JUNE 2017

Catherine Christensen attended the CRD
Operator, Resident/Bystander and Worker
Exposure Workshop on 22nd March

Dr Justine Weyman and Kirsten Cooper attended the CRD Pesticides Workshop on 17th January